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4 Brain Site Graphic and Text Links

If you have received an email from us saying your site has been rated 4 brains on Dr. Brain's Laboratory, there is a link to your site at under the subject area of your site. If your site is of interest to children, there is a link in our Just For Kids area.

We hope you'll want to display your rating and link back to Dr. Brain's Laboratory. We are happy to provide graphic, hosted graphic, and text links to our recommended sites.

For a graphic link, download one of these images:

4brainsite.gif-6661 bytes
brainsite.gif-6373 bytes

...and link it to:

Or link to: or if you prefer for us to host the image on our site

For a text link, link to:

Drop us an email if you need any additional help or information to implement the links.

The Staff at Doctor Brain's Laboratory